Team Nerd was founded in 2013 by the Director Enrico Pusceddu .
The goal, right from the start, was to constitute a reference point for nerdy information: here you can find everything related to the world of comics, video games, films, TV series, cosplay and much more.

Every day we report news from around the world, not forgetting the important reviews and exclusive interviews.
The Tech and Board Games sections, in great expansion and richly curated, represent not only a strength for Team Nerd, but also the desire to explore every border of the culture we love so much.

To date, Team Nerd can count thousands of members, as well as many collaborations, one more important than the other.

If you don’t know it yet, you just have to take a ride: come to the Dark Side!


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ENRICO PUSCEDDU – Eloindir (Founder – Director)
Always passionate about videogames, he took his first steps “Nerd” playing on Amiga, and then landed on Game Boy, GameCube, PS, Xbox and PC.
He loves JRRTolkien and George Lucas, and for this he dedicates most of his posts to their fantasy worlds.


MATTEO GUNETTO – Kamina (Deputy Director & Head of Comics Area)
Matteo grows up between comics and manga of all kinds, moving from the mysterious atmospheres of Dylan Dog to the more colorful and playful ones of Dragonball, without forgetting DC Comics and Marvel. Passionate about Retrogaming and Gaming, TV Series and Cinema, he has a particular passion for The Legend of Zelda.


SIMONE ANGILLETTA – Angi (Chief Editor)
Simone, forgotten name because everyone is Angi, develops an interest in Anime and Manga, so much so that she would like to go to Japan with an empty suitcase just to bring it back full of Action Figures! Apart from that, he does not leave aside his passion for drawing and video games. Finder of news, he becomes part of the Nerd Team often covering the role of Factotum!


ANDREA SIROMBO – Siro (Chief Editor – Head of Board Games)
Born and raised on bread, football, video games and toy soldiers. Marked moments of nerdy madness alternating with easy tears for new cinematic releases. If he survived the university world it is thanks to Rohan’s strength within himself. Or of the Force. Or of Effort. Oh well you understand, right?


SARA ROMANO – Nayru (Public Relation Manager)
Sara enters the Japanese world by participating in her first cosplay event in the distant (but not too much) 2012. Passionate about anime and manga, she mainly follows the new releases, always staying up to date on news. Within Team Nerd he mainly deals with the column dedicated to cosplayers, without missing some articles of “general culture” from time to time.


GIULIA GARASSINO – Winry (Head of Tech Area)
Passionate about videogames since childhood, grown up with the good old Crash Bandicoot on the Play and the fantastic Metal Slug on the cabinets. Aah, good times. He prefers RPG and FPS, but does not disdain other genres anyway. It mainly plays on PC, but despite this it has a good and varied collection of consoles, from the Nintento 64, to the Xbox One.


———————————————- EDITORS

FRANCESCO REGANO – Frankos (Author) In
love with Playstation since he was a child, he has sometimes allowed himself a few escapades with the big N, especially to hunt for pocket monsters. His motto is “Try to Judge”: he plays whatever he gets in his hands, from Battlefield to Final Fantasy, but in recent years he has totally devoted himself to souls-like. Between one boss and another he dedicates himself to long marathons of television series and anime, alternating with visits to the cinema to find his future (he hopes) colleagues Avengers and co.


Passionate about dubbing, video games and the whole fantastic nerdy world, he started from an early age playing here and there between Playstation and those nice consoles with millions of games that his father gave him, and then move on growing under the side boxaro of strength.
Also a lover of cinema and TV series, he spends his days trying to bring his dark touch everywhere, also guided by the strength of the Shinigami and the Addams.

Reader, cinephile, graphomaniac.
Thus summarizes a life passed between his precious books, films and blank sheets, between the works of the Disney house and those of Tarantino.
Hopelessly nostalgic gamer ends up playing the old Assassin’s Creed millions of times.


FABIO IMPARATO – MasterMoon (Sensei)
Player from the very first Prince of Persia, he has devoured most of the playable RPGs for PC, adoring Planetscape: Torment, the two Baldur’s Gates and everything that revolves around the Star Wars universe. In love with Japan, he hopes to be able to return there in the future. When he is not working in front of the PC, he occasionally peeps into the TN, launching a piece of news and then disappearing again. For The Horde!


———————————————- PHOTOGRAPHERS

The first photos she took were at the sea, on vacation. But, after the first “click”, she was unable to stop! She decided to continue learning, enrolling in a professional with a photographic address, ready to discover new techniques!
She entered the nerd world thanks (or because of) her sister, attending her first convention in 2015, at Torino Comics. After an attempt at cosplay, she finally decided that her place was behind the lens, not in front!


Photographer for work and passion, he has been carrying out his personal photographic project for years. His experiences range from glamor / fetish photography up to initially “Street photography” with which he arrives at the court of VOGUE ITALIA in the “PHOTO VOGUE TALENTS” section and secondly to photography dedicated to the world of cosplayers.